Big Rich Texas

I am a cast member of a reality television show called Big Rich Texas on Style International, E! and ITV2 along with my daughter Whitney, her husband Brandon, their daughter Rhythm, my husband Jason - and my son Zakk.  We filmed season 4 in 2013 - Big Rich Texas (Whitney's Having a Baby) and it has aired / is set to premiere on the following dates and locations:  

Style Network, Asia - February 18, 2014  (Hope you loved it!)

Style Network, Europe - February 13, 2014 (Hope you loved it!)

 Style Network, South Africa - February 13, 2014 (Hope you loved it!)

E! Portugal - February 13, 2014 (Hope you loved it!)

E! Canada, May 2014

Style Network, Australia May, 2014

 ITV2 (UK) - stated on Twitter (03/31/2014) 'Saddle up and round 'em up... we're back in Texas later in the year. No confirmed dates yet though. Hope you enjoy.' Logically, season three will need to air prior to season four (Whitney's Having a Baby) best guess summer for S3, and sometime after in 2014 for S4.    Confirmation that it is coming back on ITV2 for the next, highest rated season is a GREAT thing! 

 USA - the network TBD, airdate TBD.  Best guess is summer / fall 2014.  We heard the network loves the show, so have great hope it will air soon!  Once our spin off is picked up by a network, then we will go into negotiations for another season - it can take a while, but in the meantime, watch our family's comedy show - WATCH OUR SHOW

Big Rich Texas-Season 4 Premiere Peek.mp4



More updates will be posted here and on Twitter (@bonblossman).

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Our haterz video is dedicated to the people that have fabricated malicious and outrageous lies about us and spread them on the internet in attempts to bring us down in order to elevate or feel better about themselves.  There are CRAZY insane lies written about us on blogs, videos, anywhere these malicious people can get a defamatory lie in - they do it!  It's part of the territory being on a reality show, but jealousy is a disease, they need some really strong meds...and to achieve their own success so they will feel better ;)

We want to encourage others to feel confident enough to rise up and above their haters and do their best to ignore them.   Ignoring the hate, lies, and bullying is all you can do.  The worst kind of bullies are those who claim to be victims - and call their victims 'the bullies' - that's a sociopathic mess - but we live it, deal with it and rise above it and hope that one day, they can view thier actions with some remorse.

Our life is an open book -what you see is what you get - we have never tried to lie or portray our family in a different light.   

If you want to know the true history of Bon & family, please pick up a copy of From GED to PhD - the Autobiography of Dr. Bon Blossman.   Bon gives all details of her life from childhood to present - learn about how horrible mistakes don't mean it's the end for you, your family, or your career - Never Give Up, Conquer All!