Big Rich Texas

I was a cast member of a reality television show called Big Rich Texas on Style Network, E! and ITV2 along with my daughter Whitney, her husband Brandon, their daughter Rhythm, my husband Jason - and my son Zakk. The last season was season 4 - Big Rich Texas (Whitney's Having a Baby) and it has aired on the following dates and locations in 2014/2015 (below). You can catch reruns randomly on E! and ITVBe in the UK.   Also, you can watch on demand on

Style Network, Asia - Season Premiere: February 18, 2014 and E! - multiple reruns have been aired.  

Style Network, Europe - Season Premiere: February 13, 2014 

 Style Network, South Africa - Season Premiere:February 13, 2014 

E! Portugal - Season Premiere: February 13, 2014 

Style Network, Australia - Season Premiere: May 1, 2014. E! as well with multiple reruns aired.

E! Canada, Season Premiere: Fall 2014

E! UK -  Season Four (Whitney's Having a Baby) premiered June 18th, 2014! YAY!  Multiple reruns have been aired - seems you can catch it about every other month.

 ITV2 / ITVBe (UK) - aired December 2014.  Multiple reruns have been aired - seems you can catch it about every other month.

US: Still pending. 

 In the meantime, watch our family's comedy show - WATCH OUR SHOW

Currently working on a short film that I plan to enter in festivals.  Hope to film in Jan/Feb and have it ready by next spring! 

Big Rich Texas-Season 4 Premiere Peek.mp4



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