Big Rich Texas

I was a cast member of a reality television show called Big Rich Texas on Style Network, E! and ITV2 along with my daughter Whitney, her husband Brandon, their daughter Rhythm, my husband Jason - and my son Zakk. The last season was season 4 - Big Rich Texas (Whitney's Having a Baby) and it has aired globally, but not in the US yet (red tape).  You can catch reruns randomly on E! and ITVBe in the UK.   Also, you can watch on demand on

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Pics from when Big Rich Texas cast went to New Orleans! (Season Three)

Big Rich Texas-Season 4 Premiere Peek.mp4


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Our haterz video is dedicated to the people that enrich our lives with continous hate parades.  We love it!  We love hearing about all the wild & wacky things these h8'ers create about us - it's hysterical!  It's like having a real life fiction book written about your own life!  HA! 

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