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  • Homecoming Mum, 2012 & Episode 3 of Big Rich Texas

    Now, I have to get this out before I am totally embarrassed by my 'mum' in Episode 3 of Big Rich Texas.  I scheduled the competition judging with Connie and I am a fanatic about not breaking plans or rescheduling.  Due to my hectic life, I admit that I gave up on the mum prior to the judging and it wasn't actually finished. 

    Zakk did NOT give that mum to his date.  Rather, he gave the one below:


    Here is a close up of the mum.  There are 12 mums in all, in a heart shape.  You can see the dual lighting system in it and one of the strands of lights had 3 settings - still, and then two speeds of blinking.


    Last, in the picture, you can see the blue Sony media player that the bear was holding.  I loaded Zakkem's pictures on it, some video and Zakkem's music (he is an Electronic Music Producer (the Official Zorrex).


     Here is a picture of mum's streamers.  As you can see, I carefully designed each streamer with the highlighted streamers having my son's name and his date's name.

    Now, if you want steps on how to make the Texas sized mum above - CLICK HERE!