Voice - Brandon, J, Bon, Eric

Lead Guitar - J

Rhythm Guitar - Zach B

Bass - Bon, Zakk

Drums - Zakk, Bon

Tambourine and Cowbell - Alex

Bongo drums - Whit


March 2017: Have a set list now and plan to perform around the end of summer!  Bon and J practice daily.  Keep your eyes open for live practices on Facebook! 

May 2014: Still waiting to finish the recording and video of Zombie Mommy - bigger projects keep taking priority - but this song / video will be released, we promise! 

Mar 2014: Bon is picking up the drum sticks again and will be moving to the drums for future songs.  ***Note: this did not happen. 

Mar 2014: Waiting on Zach B (Austin, Texas) to re-record his part to the song and for Brandon to attempt to record lyrics.  We have shot half of the music video and once we get the song recorded, we'll finish the video and get this song released - finally!  Looking for a late April release - hopefully. **Update - now that we have a film production company, the video will be re-shot - date to be determined. 

Dec 2013: DrunkLora has a new singer!  Brandon Overbey!  The release of Zombie Mommy is right around the corner!

May 2013: DrunkLora is BACK! We have revised our band and decided to be an original band and skip the covers.  Bon has blinged her bass, and is practicing.    We've changed rhythm guitar to Zach B. because Whit is too prego to hold a guitar and never practiced or officially agreed to be rhythm guitar, anyway.   Jason always practices and Zakk, after a hiatus of being a fabulous EDM producer (aka: Zorrex), has agreed to pick up the drum sticks again for a price.   

July 2010: Bonnie hasn't played in a while but has the Swarovski crystals to put on her guitar and that is what is most important.  Zakk practices every day and so does J.  It is a safe bet that Scoty-K (aka: Killa) hasn't studied any lyrics lately. Whitney has auditioned for the lead singer and has picked up a co-starring role with Scoty-K.  She also is possibly going to be the rhythm guitarist but hasn't picked up her guitar yet so......

Summer 2017

Rock 101 Grill, Frisco Texas - May 2013